• 2.4G 3.5 inch  Wireless video Doorbell H-WB-35DB
  • 2.4G 3.5 inch TFT  Wireless video Doorbell H-WB-35CC
Product Description


2.4 inch wireless visual intercom doorbell

In 2.4wireless visual intercom doorbell.

The series of products using2.4G digital audio and video wireless transmission principle, outdoor photography, indoor display, two-way intercom, indoor and outdoor remote control lock can monitor, advanced night vision auxiliary illuminating function, make you in the evening can also distinguish the visitor, the product modeling, Shang Xinying, clear image, installation is simple, make your home furnishing security more than a science and technology security, is the ideal modern home security products.

2.4 inch wireless visual intercom doorbell main function:

In 1, the outdoor temperature function: before you leave in the morning, a glance by the outdoor temperature, how to wear a watch know the score:

In 2, the outdoor monitoring function: the strange sound, touch, they stick out a mile. Safety and security.

3, photo archive function: the master was not at home, there is a visitor. Just come to light the doorbell, automatic camera store, master came back to free inquiry. Don't miss an important meeting.

4, visual intercom function: the visit, the doorbell intercom calls, free, clear voice, such as in front of.

5remote control unlocking function: family home too late; it's cold outside; I don't want to rise; in front of the computer does not want to get up and come;

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