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  • 产品性能参数



















脱机模式- 3000人(1:1模式),200以内(1:N模式)200



单机>20万条 联网模式>200万条


DC 12V ±15% 5A


217 X 123 X 26 mm (长X宽X厚)


131 X 202 X 40 mm (长X宽X厚)


























Product features:

1 products for the embedded network equipment, through the -USP security management platform supporting network, can control all the terminal equipment networks.

2 products based on industry orientation, components selection using the whole industrial grade components, ensure the quality and stability of the product, the product an important connection ports are done, the overvoltage protection design flow, reverse, prevent the wrong connection, not by the system accessories (such as power supply, electric lock etc.) damage, high voltage and to output products damaged or execution error action, to ensure that the product 24 hours of uninterrupted safe and stable operation.

3 using the TI specifically for Davinic-6446A industrial image processing chip of image processing, the chip with 600MHzDSP core and 300MHz ARM core, not only guarantee the fluency of face recognition and guarantee the user to operate convenient.

4 truly separable design, the image acquisition, the user interacts with the back-end recognition, gating, data processing completely separated. Front end and back end adopts the control cable connection, product use, will be installed at the front end user interaction used, and the control end core placed in the safe security room or monitoring room. Even if the artificial destruction, removing the front end, can not open the lock and stealing data related to equipment, greatly ensure the data security and access control, is truly consistent with the requirements of the industry security access control access control products.

Fig. 5 pvcb:


6 complete alarm function, product support anti demolition, percussion, Menci timeout, Menci illegal open, user blacklist, invalid permissions, stress door alarm function, and the fire alarm, infrared alarm system linkage curtain etc..

7 using the company independent research and development of face recognition of professional dual camera module, day / night is identified, and a fill strategy, under low illumination during the recognition of color image is clear, to ensure the effectiveness of identification data.

Any 8 server controls a device can be based on different occasions need to configure the device properties, such as: whether to open different dynamic record, whether to need to open the door, open the stress combination whether alarm, whether to open the remote loading, whether the initiative to server write user information, whether to open the network function, the management can do little in place.

9 support web mode of remote viewing records, by the equipment directly writes a record to the server.

The 10 door monitoring, color camera dual camera module can directly access CCTV system for direct viewing and video.

11 support Wiegand protocol output, can be compatible with other kinds of access control equipment, good compatibility and expansibility.

12 the face data distribution, through the USP management platform, can collect all face in one device, and then distributed to others in the network outlets face recognition equipment, and on a per user configuration access, time etc..

13 users in real-time synchronization, real-time server mode, authorized users real-time acquisition, immediately specify permissions in dot inside the equipment identification

14 real time dynamic record, this product is embedded network products, realize remote keep library, use the present perfect TCP/IP network remote control, remote monitoring. Outlets within any one face device recognition event, alarm event, and all other events are sent to the USP management platform for real-time display, and linkage alarm system, send SMS / MMS, to realize the safe protection more stereo. The following diagram, comparative identification photos in real time identification record will the user registration photos and the current user is displayed, all alarm events with striking red font to display, so that the personnel on duty in real time to clear understanding of the system state.

Open the door, open the door 15 combination combination mode of +1, this function according to the safety requirements of high places, such as the vault, a gun store etc.. Each group of users can be set to one of two groups, a total of 12 users, 12 users can force some users must be arrived at the scene, some users need only part (the number can be set) present way, carry on the combination to open the door. When the +1 mode is activated, not only to open the door through the combination of verification must also be a remote administrator confirmation system executing open action.

16 can support the anti trailing AB door interlock, multi door interlock and other professional access control function.

Support 17 open type: in face recognition + out face recognition, through the credit card + out of face recognition, face recognition + out into the credit card, etc. various combinations of import verification method.

6000 1:1 recognition support 18 offline mode (extensible), 1:N supports 200 people (extensible), record the number of 20W (extensible), save 3 months traffic recording. The real-time server model to support the number can be more than a million people level the number of users, millions of record number.

19 support to 1; 1 and 1:N mixed use, with 200 high authority directly face recognition and verification of other users of the 1:1, improve the user's safety and convenience.

20 USP platform with perfect set permissions and region partition function interface, has self-locking function (30 seconds without action is automatically locked), ensure the tightness of the backstage management. Report output flexible, real-time query open record report, alarm record report, operation log statements. Perfect automatic work plan, the backup of the important data, automatic timing data cleaning etc.. The running state of each face recognition equipment real-time monitoring networks, the alarm event linkage other alarm system and sending SMS, MMS module startup.

21 support the emergency door all networking disposable all open or one-time all locking function.

22 USP optional attendance function.


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