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Face recognition, is a kind of biometric identification technology based on human face feature information. With the acquisition of. With the acquisition of the camera or camera with face image or video stream, and automatically in image detection and tracking of human faces, a series of related technology of face and then the detected face, usually also called face recognition, face recognition.

Face recognition attendance system, can effectively enhance the enterprise attendance management, standardized operation of employee attendance, prevent the modern time, resort to deceit behavior, is also convenient to effectively improve the efficiency of attendance. Also support the TCP/IP network, attendance data automatically upload management, management of attendance data. Widely applicable to institutions, educational institutions, hotels, clubs, hospitals etc.. Face recognition attendance machine is mainly used for attendance statistics on the staff, the staff in the need to capture facial photos of employees through the camera, then face recognition algorithm from the collected photos have features of staff face photos stored in value and with a database of eigenvalue analysis, recognition after successful offer employees the name, the attendance of success.

Function characteristics:

Methods 1 the face location, it has a high accuracy, good safety.

2 commonly used special dual camera, belongs to the technology of 3D face recognition, the recognition performance significantly more than the 2D face recognition, the algorithm complexity is far less than that of 3D face recognition.

3 recognition performance is not affected by ambient light, good reliability.

4 through the U disk upload user name list, download access control attendance records and photographs.

5 through the TCP/IP network equipment status, as well as the upload and download information; network communication data encryption.

6 natural, biological feature recognition and use of human individual identification is the same.

7 non contact, can prevent bacterial infection, more health.

8 the voice prompt, voice prompt face is successfully verified.

9 can be used independently, without the need to connect computer, to complete the registration, face attendance, recording and other functions.