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Intelligent Home Furnishing system






Function application:

1, video intercom function: video voice comprehensive system, realize the area between the user visual intercom, visitors can record messages, video surveillance, and confirm the visitor door function;

2, Home Furnishing control functions: network equipment through digital terminal host, remote mobile phone, computer and so on, whenever and wherever possible control home appliances, lighting, curtains, air conditioning, water heater, and a variety of scenarios for key selection mode;

3, security alarm function: using a multipoint video equipment monitoring potential areas of danger, when the illegal infringement occurs when the automatic alarm system;

4, in the living room, kitchen, bathroom and other regional installed gas detectors, smoke detectors and other sensing devices, to predict the possible danger, automatic alarm message, with dangerous facilities and start the automatic shutdown;

5, business and entertainment function: support MP3, MP4 background music playback, auto receiving and precise query all kinds of life information, news, announcements, and 3G high speed Internet and electronic shopping function;

6, can be used for composite space variety of private residential, community building, office, public service, public venues and other places.

7, face recognition access control, let the security level of a higher level.

Advantages and characteristics:

1, 24 hours online;

2, take the initiative to prevent: monitor the possible dangers;

3: introduction, intelligent automatic control, make some daily work is automatically completed;

4, remote, through the intelligent remote terminal equipment, can be remote control home;

5, a key: all function highly integrated, easy to press a button to solve the problem, for the young and the old;

6, strong compatibility: can be connected with various digital terminal work together;

7, low carbon and energy saving: the system itself, low power consumption, and can help save the other appliance power consumption.