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Thank you for your support and under the trust, for the protection of your interests so that you get a better a better quality of service, we make the following commitments:

Seven days Exchange guaranteed , one-year warranty

Seven days replacement notes:
1. seven days replacement host only replace the same model, the color of products, effective replacement time by the day of purchase.
2. customer service reflects the fault must exist. If it belongs to the latent fault, customers need to stay in the customer service center, if the failure is true, non-destructive spent cases replaced.
3. If it belongs to the software, can be repaired within three working days of not replacing.
4. indoor unit 1-3 LCD pixel appears bright spots are not part of the replacement and warranty coverage, if more than 3 points, after testing belong to the non-artificial, may make the replacement host.
5. machine appearance is worn or scratched wounds products not to be replaced. (Cause hardware failure of the product does not provide warranty services)
6. service credentials, product label is damaged or lost after testing belongs to the human fall off the label, not replacing.
7. seven days Oz, no warranty of product accessories.

Principle of one-year warranty:

Since the purchase starting on the day, within a year (including expired the same day), the product warranty period.

1, product display, appearance, shell damage, keyboard wear, antenna design and product defects, such as technology issues is outside the scope of warranty;

2, such as remove their own machines, machine into uncorrectable faults or tear down the fuselage of the fragile warranty stickers posted by then considered active withdrawal of warranty rights;

3, failure or damage caused by natural disaster or force majeure, or machine due to man-made causes damage, force collisions, drops, water, moisture, mildew, and other causes of machine failure, do not enjoy the warranty service;

4, sales receipts, as the company purchased goods provide services only for you, please take care of.
(Note: the above principle of replacement and warranty, while enjoying this service, you must provide valid warranty documents, otherwise will not be processed.

Customer repair Note:

1. customer maintenance or software upgrades on their own before memory data, customer service center to repair process cause data loss does not bear any responsibility.
2. customer repair or software before you upgrade to produce product service credentials, to produce credentials, documents and products do not match, the product damaged, all for paying maintenance treatment. All labels on the products (including date labels) to determine if the customer is without permission of teardown tag, cannot make warranty certificate.
3. the product into a liquid or a waterproof label color, has dropped, pressing, extrusion, intense vibration, alteration or demolition of their own products, the Center does not provide warranty service. Shell appearance, key words, particle, (damage, loss, paint), LCD, rear cover and so on, are not part of the scope of warranty or replacement.
4. Enter the maintenance process of the machine, if guests temporary decided not to repair, to terminate the repairs, customer service recovery is not guaranteed before a failed State.
5. product, Hua Ping, without displaying a white screen, black screen, occasionally, hardware failures and normal analysis for cable, LCD, chips, and so on, case of LCD issues during the test, cannot guarantee that product after disassembly and Assembly to reply before the repair status. (LCD, cable, camera, and so is not covered under warranty).

Warm Tip:
1. our customer service centre of value-added services for hung or only the specified agents, resellers purchase customers, in the Centre to provide maintenance, warranty, software, provide a valid proof of purchase before the upgrade (service credentials), cannot provide a valid proof of purchase, Hung Siu electronic customer service centre will not be able to provide free warranty and software upgrades.

This Ordinance is subject to updates, is subject to site the latest instructions, the company on the right of final interpretation of the above provisions have

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