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2011-05-11 10:02:29

Universalsec Electronic Co., warrants this Video Door Phone To The Original Purchaser To Be Free From Defects In Materials And Workmanship Within Six Months From The Date Of Purchase As Provided In The Warranty Card.

This warranty is subject to terms and conditions as mentioned below:
1) This warranty shall be valid only for the said period of 6 months as specified above.
2) The warranty period specified above shall include time taken for repairs, replacement, break-downs transit time etc. No notice of expired of warranty will be given by the company.
3) This warranty shall stand automatically terminated in the event of the said unit being serviced, repaired, installed, de-installed, re-installed or otherwise attended to by any person or organization or agency or by the said purchaser himself other than the authorized representative of the company.
4) Parts of the unit replaced or repaired under the terms of this warranty are warranted only for the remaining period of the original warranty period.
5) (For attending any service call under this warranty, all expenses incurred by the authorized representative / dealer in collecting the said unit or any part thereof from any location and its return to the original location shall be borne by the purchaser.
6) (Any loss of product caused due to sabotage, improper handling or treatment, carelessness, accident, fire, flood earthquake or any natural calamity shall not be covered under this warranty.
7) It shall be the absolute discretion of the company to a)effect the repairs or replacement of parts whether at the site of installation or at any service and b)have the job attended to either by the company’s service personnel or its authorized dealer.
8) The AC is designed to operate at a range (230 +/- 10%).Any failure due to operation of the machine beyond these limits will not be covered by the above warranty
9) The purchaser should preserve the original invoice for necessary verification and produce it, as and when required.
10) Warranty null and void if,
•The product is not purchased from an authorized dealer of the company.
•Any damage is caused by accident, mishandling, tampering with installation , or negligence in following instructions of the user manual issued by the company.
•Any damage is caused by improper electrical circuit outside the unit or by any defective electrical supply.
•At any time, if any part of the unit is tampered with, altered, repaired or serviced by any unauthorized person, not being the authorized representative of the company.       
11)None of the employees and/or Authorized Dealers of the Company have any authority  to vary the terms and conditions of this warranty.
12)Our company reserves the final right of interpretation of the product. For any problem related to the product, please contact our technical support team or your dealer. 

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