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Unable to start the product

If turn the switch to the "ON"?

Turn the switch to the ON

If the power of Li-ion batteries is not enough?

To charge the li-ion batteries

If connect the power adaptor?

To connect the power adaptor

Unable to charge

If the plug of power adaptor correctly plug into the charging slot?

Re-connect the devices and power adaptor

If the power adapter has been connected to the 110-240V AC?

Re-insert the plug so that power supply connected to AC power adapter

Speaking state no voice

If the volume is adjusted to be the least?

To adjust the volume to be suitable

The image is flashing or noise

If the indoor device is close to TV set , fluorescent lamps , mobile phone , which has electromagnetic wave?

Keep the devices off these things which has electromagnetic wave

The indoor monitor display



No signal image

If the outdoor phone doesn't connect the power?

To connect the outdoor device power

If the outdoor phone is far away from the indoor phone?

Keep the distance within 60 meters (with multi-wall barrier case)

If there is other strong magnetic space bother?

Put the indoor device out of the strong magnetic space

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