• Mobile phone WiFi wireless doorbell scheme
  • WiFi wireless doorbell with smoke, gas detector
  • WiFi intelligent doorbell
  • WiFi wireless doorbell with the human body infrared sensor
  • WiFi wireless doorbell with wireless magnetometer

Product Description

Wireless video access control systems, the use of 2.4G wireless digital audio and video transmission principle for single-family buildings, such as villas, hotels, residential housing units in homes, offices, public buildings and other places. This product is stylish and innovative, image is clear, simple installation in front of the outdoor and indoor video unit is not installed and connected, the indoor unit display visual communication signal, the signal in a stable place where you can gain control over when you in the living room, restaurant, terrace, study, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and other home sites have a stable signal can be free to use, indoor video unit can be fixed to the wall, cabinets and other places, can be placed on the desk, coffee table, dining table, etc., flat time away; absolutely ideal modern home security products.

(1) 2.4G digital frequency hopping and encryption technology, accessible from the 400 meters, strong anti-interference;
(2) Outdoor unit with wide viewing angle in front of the lens, clear night vision capabilities;
(3) indoor video unit with 3.5-inch digital screen, a 24-hour monitoring, remote control on electronically controlled door locks;
(4) hands-free calls and intercom;
(5) The indoor unit can take the initiative and automatic camera, photos can be stored more than 300, can also view pictures;
(6) Automatic standby and adjust indoor unit volume;
(7) support for outdoor use fingerprint or password lock;
(8) indoor video unit MiniUSB charging port, replaceable lithium-ion rechargeable battery;
(9) one outdoor unit can control up to six in front of the outdoor unit; one indoor unit can call up to six indoor video machine;
(9) comply with FCC, CE, R & TTE standards;

Password lock front view

Password lock front view

Password lock back view

Password lock back view

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