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"Digital home" part of the basis
2011-07-19 08:23:59

Digital, the intelligence, integration can be achieved provided a good foundation. Through the digital, intelligent community system all subsystems will be based on the same TCP / IP network to achieve. Digital not only created a family of intelligent, digital community property management can also be home intelligent gateway and the IC card authentication, the provision of community e-commerce and online payment and other value-added services. The digital video intercom as the "digital home" system, subsystem, one of which is "digital home" system provides a complete featured platform is the "digital home" system is based on the system.

In the community on the road to the development of intelligent, digital is an inevitable trend. Technically digital, networked, integrated foundation already has the "digital home" market is taking shape. 'Digital home' technology, our product development has created a great pressure, such pressure is the driving force. Therefore, the digital video intercom product's features and must be away from the traditional video intercom mode restrictions, the full functionality of the market demand for high-end users, make full use of TCP / IP technology, set video intercom, control and diversity information exchange in one of the intelligent products. In the provision of products, but also provide system engineering design and guidance, provide supporting property security management software to digital, intelligent and integrated community value.

The future includes the concept of smart home products will be digital intelligent terminal by the market's biggest concern. The advantages of such products are: technical use of embedded technology, the hardware more powerful, more flexible software development, system more stable. Standard Ethernet infrastructure, networking easier. Function not only to solve some of the drawbacks of traditional intercom but also as a family of intelligent control center, the appliance control, home security and monitoring, home information terminals and digital home entertainment are integrated together. With the growing importance of the home environment of such products will be more widely accepted by customers.

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