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2.4G wireless digital doorbell trends
2011-10-25 10:03:19


Basic features include two-way video intercom calls, video calls, door machine monitoring, remote unlocking and other functions, with enhanced efforts to develop additional features and user needs, the current intercom system is also derived from image capture, storage, pictures of voice mail, call audio and video recording function, every household functions, ladder control functions.
And integration with access control systems, access control system to achieve transparent transmission over IP networks. The following are described intercom system primary function of the device performance.
Indoor extension: the basic functions of video intercom, call, remote keyless entry. By function intercom and video intercom can be divided into two major categories of products.
Door machine: In addition to call households, unlock and other basic functions, the need to fill with infrared light, auxiliary keyboard backlighting at night is the door machine must have. In addition, door access control reader with integrated machine together can make intercom systems and access control system to work, residents can use the indoor unit through the open door of machine control. Now the new machine will have the following additional door features: image capture, storage, pictures of voice mail, advertising functions. Door unit camera, and even some indoor unit remote control can be adjusted up and down full-angle field of view, to ensure that visual range is large enough to apply to on extra high, especially the visual short visitors. Thus the door is becoming more perfect machine performance and user-friendly.
The intercom is now a prominent feature of the product is an integrated anti-theft alarm. It is understood that the current domestic intercom equipment manufacturers introduced the vast majority of smart home products include home security of the content, such as within the family of the burglar alarm, emergency alarm, smoke / gas alarms and other functions of integration.
Intelligent home appliances home control is an important way to achieve. Therefore, the same as home alarm, home appliance control products is now necessary to configure the intercom function.
In addition, some intercom system users through the network, mobile phone, fixed telephone network remote control appliances on and off, which greatly improved the quality of life.
With the intercom system gradually to digital, IP-based method development, system functions have greatly expanded, many manufacturers introduced the indoor unit with integrated video, music, digital photo frame, electronic books, alarm clock and other functions. For your convenience, many intercom ringback tone products but also provide prompt, key voice prompts, call tips, voice tips, information received, to extract features such as pictures of message.
Previously unheard of feature, and today is not news. Currently, some manufacturers have integrated value-added applications, including property advertising, e-newspapers, weather, online shopping and other functions, to the daily lives of community residents has brought great convenience.
Management Center is an important part of intercom system. In recent years, with digital and TCP / IP network technology, intelligent intercom system growing trend is also reflected in the management center management functions. Management functions to achieve the configuration of public information and community information database functions households; household alarm information display and recording types of management functions; tenants call records search functions; unit unlock records management and query capabilities; classification authority security functions; online software upgrades and other functions .
Video doorbell intercom system is the basic configuration of the intelligent building plot in the new residential design, and some cities have imposed. Meanwhile, as the market continues to expand, building intercom products manufacturers and many manufacturers involved in the industry capacity and uneven, so the competition will be very intense technology. To survive, it must be developed, therefore, continuous improvement and technology continue to introduce new technology makes the product features will appear diverse, the cost will be further reduced, the market will continue to expand visual doorbell.

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2.4G wireless digital doorbell trends

2.4G wireless digital doorbell trends

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