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2.4GHz advantages of non-network solutions
2011-08-03 08:34:06

While the 433MHz system and Bluetooth technology to meet the needs of many applications, but for most consumer electronics equipment, to use them as an alternative to either the limitations of the cable is too large or too costly and complex. In development of new wireless technology is based on this premise: that such as mouse, keyboard, and consumer electronics devices such as a simple point to point applications do not require the use of complex networking protocols.
With the use of technology compared to the 433MHz ISM band, using the 2.4GHz ISM band technology has the following advantages:
● standard regulations - as 802.11 and Bluetooth technology supporter of the effort (and in many countries their radio frequency management agency for the cooperation between countries in order to seek to eliminate the differences in the regulations), at present most countries have 2.4GHz ISM band has similar regulations. This makes use of 2.4GHz technology products without changing the frequency or transmit power can be sold worldwide.
● non-system-level standard-2.4GHz radio IC with integrated networking technology and standard protocols, thereby significantly reducing the device will integrate these technologies into the design of the required development time.
● bandwidth of-2.4GHz ISM band width of more than 83MHz - far wider than the 433MHz ISM band. This allows more devices to share between the band and there is no interference.
Bluetooth networking protocol with heavy-duty than non-networked technology also has some important advantages. The first is cost. Without the use of a large number of non-networking protocol stack, which allows them to use smaller, cheaper microprocessors. Another advantage is power. Less agreement with robust error correction capabilities help reduce the radio transmission time, which directly affects the power consumption make the device has a longer battery life.
These advantages that: 2.4GHz 433MHz non-networked technology solutions for low-cost and Bluetooth technology together the strengths, to achieve robust, light technology to significantly reduce the consumption of electronic devices to add wireless function takes time and cost.

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