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2.4g wireless technology strengths and weaknesses analysis
2011-08-04 09:07:33

In fact, this band is more widely applied: the same is the use of 2.4G frequency as the carrier, but a different protocol derived from the means of communication will not be starker; only on the amount of data transmitted, it has a second from 1M to 100M second difference.

Popular terms, the public is that the headphones use 2.4G 2.4G carrier, P2P protocol headphones (hereinafter referred to as 2.4G technology) is different from the Bluetooth headset. Current P2P protocols can reach 2M 2.4G wireless transmission of data per second, and CD-quality audio is only about 1.4M per second, so you can achieve lossless transmission 2.4G; Secondly, 2.4G headphones on the transmitter power less demanding, relatively for more power; Finally, 2.4G technology, power and improving access through increased sensitivity, can effectively improve the firing range, 100 meters above the distance can be easily achieved.

Product applications, by virtue of the 2.4G technology the advantages of duplex work, It is produced by the wireless headset microphone can often be integrated functionality (of course, with a fixed bandwidth is occupied, when the microphone is turned on the sound quality will decline), This provides users with voice chat a lot of convenience. 2.4G technology, coupled with high secrecy, power, transmission distance, etc., we think this is the future trend of wireless headphones.

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