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2012development trends of domestic building intercom
2012-05-14 08:34:29

The rapid development of science and technology, to the intelligent building industry to seize a large city field, one of the most basic part -- building intercom system as safeguard living safety last barrier, being described as the" patron saint of home life". According to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, the population management office through the hair was born in the city since March eight branch of the286into the households theft cases investigated, found that 125 of households are not installed building intercom systems,89.9%.

What is the building intercom system

Residential area is characterized by the user focused, large capacity, unified security management, but most of the domestic regional economic income is not high, so the community security system must meet the" safe, economic and effective, centralized management " requirement, although currently on the market a wide variety of security system, but the true area characteristics, suitable for residential use product not to be many. Building as such products, with less wires, a short circuit, in isolation is not afraid of households without power supply, standby power, no special video line, high stability, reliable performance, convenient maintenance etc..

With the increasing of residential, residential property management becomes important day. The visitor registration and duty guard management method is not suitable for modern management of fast, convenient, safety requirements. Building intercom system is in each unit installed anti-theft door, total area control center administrator switchboard, Lou Yu entrance intercom, electronic locks, door closers and users in the home intercom extension through the private network. In order to realize the visitor and household intercom, residents can remote control to open the door, each unit stairs visitors through the intercom call each other tenants, the approval to enter the building, thus limiting the illegal personnel. At the same time, if the tenants in the house robbery or sudden illness, but through the system to notify security personnel to receive timely support and science.

Talkback building development in China

One, building intercom products the domestic market development

Building intercom systems in Europe and the United States, Hongkong, Taiwan and other areas have been used for nearly 20 years, from this century 80 time evening, China has started a single door intercom and unit type of products available. At that time, the market capacity is small, intercom products in Guangdong region has individual manufacturers, users focus in guangdong. Visual intercom estate goods mainly Korea, Taiwan brand in Shanghai, Guangdong sales. Since 1992, foreign building intercom system manufacturers continue to explore market in china.

The earliest buildings Talkback products have single function, main have unit intercom, video single door doorbell, in the early 90's, home market year demand is less than one hundred thousand households. 1995-1997is the domestic market the first period of development, Guangdong area appeared a number of professional manufacturers, such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou city living treasure, as De'an Zhongshan Ottoman, Fujian Jiaotong University, Xi'an Zhenwei have Kaiyuan, manufacturers of these products to the scale of production, technology progress, building intercom video intercom unit type and user showing sustained growth momentum, concentrated in the real estate market to start earlier Guangdong, Shanghai and other economically developed city,90 time end, building intercom products to enter the second period of rapid development, large community networking and integrated intelligent building intercom equipment began to emerge, Shenzhen Wei Ruitong, Fujian forest, Zhuhai into the frame, too plain company also have introduction of their products. After 2000the provincial city building intercom products demand develops rapidly, the corresponding manufacturers are growing rapidly, Shanghai, Shandong, Liaoning, Hebei, Fujian, Guangdong, Beijing and other places have appeared new manufacturer. In 2004 the national video intercom users more than 2000000households, intercom mixed users reached 6000000 households, from the geographical distribution, before 2000mainly distributed in Guangdong and Beijing, Shanghai and other developed city, since 2000began to enter the capital city, existing to the surrounding small and medium-sized city expansion potential head. Demand from the market perspective, the product has entered the demand platform area.

Due to the growing market, building intercom products, many manufacturers in the industry, the producers did not neat, fierce market competition started. Building intercom products engineering and product prices in recent years gradually reduced, many product profit space reduced the smaller enterprises survival plight.

Two, building intercom products of domestic production enterprises development

1matching parts of Guangdong to become

In Guangdong, especially in Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta economic development is rapid, the real estate market to start earlier, drove this area building intercom products development, supporting manufacturers in growing. First buildings Talkback host and the machine shell in Dongguan, Shenzhen has a professional manufacturers, subsequent visual extensions deflection, high pressure package in Guangdong Zhongshan mass production, then CCD, CMOS camera in Shenzhen factory batch production, kinescope is rapid localization of Dalian, such as Shenzhen, Yiyang, Hangzhou can produce visual building intercom for picture tube. Along with the domestic parts technology and improve the quality, the emergence of a large number of professional manufacturers such as Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shenzhen display module manufacturers has become the scale, Guangzhou sound, Zhuhai Han Shi electronics with an annual output of special module has reached more than 500000, the other in Foshan, Guangdong and other places of Zhejiang Cixi, appeared many host shell, shell extension. Supporting the production plant. Because the parts of the standardization, greatly reducing the manufacturing cost, but also for building intercom products industry in the development of foundation.

In 2, the number of rapid development of product manufacturing

From 95 to2000, a large number of domestic building intercom manufacturers to set up, mainly in Shenzhen, Guangdong, Fujian and other places. Production and the market continued to expand, imported brands gradually withdrew from the domestic market. Around 2000, the mainland building intercom production plant is ceaseless emerge in large numbers to further divide the mainland market, the manufacturers have set up offices in the capital city of business, from 95 years of dozens of national enterprise development to the present hundreds of products manufacturer, formed bowel fierce market competition situation. At present, the scale of more than 100 professional manufacturer with over 20home. These manufacturers product series complete, basically can support different estate design requirements.

3, the rapid development of construction business

Building intercom products market development, project action is indispensable. Many manufacturers realized project is to promote the building intercom products market development is an important link, therefore, manufacturers pay much attention to engineering training. In each big city, can undertake building intercom engineering design, construction, after sale service company increasingly, building intercom systems have been incorporated into the scope of works weak integrators.

Three, technology status

Early buildings Talkback products has single function, mainly single apartment layout and unit building intercom products, but simply to achieve the basic function of the system of visitors. Since 2000, the strength of the manufacturers have to focus on the development of networking building intelligent community, intelligent building system integration degree more and more high, first of all to achieve the multiple entrance machine management system, and then integrated security alarm, community services and information release function, some of the other manufacturers also incorporates a three meter far copied, surveillance and patrol system, the stability of the product in the further improved.

In 1, a wiring structure

It is mainly the multi core wire for the mainstream, video coaxial electric cable transmission. Transmission of audio, data, power is usually the RVV line, also can use net line. As of Xi'an Kaiyuan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen Lin as De'an living treasure, more advanced manufacturers have begun to wireless intercom system development and production.

In building intercom system wiring, three problems need to be solved: audio, video quality, data transmission quality audio transmission has three line and two line, three line transmission can better solve the problem of signal amplification and regulation.

Data transmission is generally used for coding and decoding chip, CAN transceiver, and the form of RS-485, differential data transmission such as CAN, RS485in signal interference has advantages, the baseband level transmission of data is very easy to be interfered, which in large interconnected system is obvious. The wiring structure, the majority of products using the bus mode, will be divided into dry bus network ( Network ) and a bus ( unit ), the routing device ( distributor ) connection. Current manufacturers of the equipment from the management center computer, management machine, door machine, door machine of small unit, two confirmed, indoor extension formed from the top down hierarchical bus system structure, connecting these prepared from points south device ( distributor ), the deconcentrator can also be designed in the terminal equipment ( such as unit door machine ). Alarm control head by the indoor unit access.

In 2, the main equipment and function

A. Indoor extension

Indoor machine main intercom and visual intercom products in two categories, basic function for the intercommunication ( intercom ), unlocking. As the product is ceaseless and rich, many products also have a monitor, security alarm and disarm, households, letter information receiving, remote telephone alarm," message extraction, appliance control and other functions. Intercom extension has a color LCD and monochrome CRT displays two categories. Now, many techniques applied to the interior extension, such as wireless receiving technical operation, a video character superimposition technology. Wireless access technology for indoor machine receives the alarm signals, is suitable for hard wiring. However, wireless alarm has major flaw, as the frequency of the emission source continuous firing will cause the host is unable to receive the control head sends alarm signals. A video character superimposition technology is used for receiving the short message management center issued.

Indoor machine in the principle design has two types, one is with coded indoor extension, its branching device can do some simple, but indoor extension cost is higher; another kind is encoded by in front of the host or branch is completed, indoor extension do very simple. Color indoor extension LCD screen is currently not localization, high cost, this is to restrict color video intercom system bottleneck.

Intercom extension appearance similar to bread telephones, tending to diversification. Visual extension trends ultra-thin hands-free wall, but the prevalence of most still is a wall-mounted black and white video extension. Indoor machine in building intercom system to occupy into the larger, from the point of development, to bring security alarm, information release color extension in upmarket flats in the application of more, mid-range to black and white video intercom extension mostly, low-grade supporting for intercom extension.

In front of the host B.

Whether it is currently used for machine or indoor visual intercom indoor extension, users are asked by visibility in front of the host, so that the user selected. In front of the host is the key equipment of building intercom system, therefore, in appearance, function, stability of the competition of manufacturers. In front of the host material of aluminum alloy profile extrusion, die-casting or stainless steel shell stamping molding three categories, in effect, aluminum alloy extrusion profiles advantage. In front of the host display interface with LCD and digital tube two, a liquid crystal display high cost, but showed more content rich, especially receiving short message part. In front of the host in addition to call the tenants of the basic functions are required to call management center function, infrared auxiliary light source, night auxiliary keyboard backlight is in front of the host must function. ID card technology and the read head to reduce the cost of the proximity card access control technology used in front of the host in order to achieve card lock function, the other for ease of use, many products are also providing ringback tone cue, key voice prompt, calling prompt and voice prompt function, makes the entrance machine performance is perfect with each passing day.

C. Management center machine

Management center machine has a generally call, alarm receiving basic functions, is the community network system of the basic equipment. Using the computer as a management center machine greatly expanded the building intercom system, many manufacturers at the left in the pipe of engine software on the integration such as tables, patrol system. With the system hardware, using the computer to connect to the management center, can realize the information release, cell information query, property services, call and alarm records query. To set up operation record, query functions.

Talkback building industry and real estate industry are closely related, and the real estate industry and macroscopical economic policy of the country close.

The prospect of domestic building intercom

In recent years, the big city new commercial property 90% above is designed with the intercom system, judging from the development trend, building intercom system is a new residential district must match system. Another old building, residential units are part of the family needs supporting system. Most of the county level new projects not related to this system, the future will fill this gap, from city to countryside. At the same time, as the market continues to expand, building intercom products factory home is numerous, involved in the industry. The market competition ability of Qi, began fierce. Want to survive, must have the development, therefore, technology continues to introduce product features will appear diversification; to further reduce costs, will enable the city field continue to expand.

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