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2012development trends of wireless intercom
2012-05-26 08:59:04


Wireless intercom in city has been popularized in large areas, in the 2011national urban and rural construction meeting, housing construction minister Jiang Weixin said, the next step would be to advance town active and reliably to change, raise the level of the city planning, strengthening the infrastructure construction, improve the city management, improve the ecological environment for human settlement. Is expected in 2013, our city will be further expanded, which will provide wireless building market to bring huge market demand.

Towns and villages in the city, first of all need large-scale real estate construction, which will bring the local real estate prosperity, building intercom as one of important members of the housing built, will usher in a new market space. Positive change and innovation in order to bring the best experience, is still the core of the enterprise.

Mobile Internet pop, enabling people to experience, mobile and wireless transmission of charm, Hong Zhao electronic research and development of wireless visual building system, perfect the application of wireless video transmission technology, to create the perfect user experience.

In the past 2011, building intercom industry competition on technology innovation, industry alliance, drama. To sum up, in 2012 the building intercom industry development will take on the rapid development of urbanization ride, competition between will be more intense. It is ligament with capital, take the market as the guide, believe that the new year building intercom industry will have more new breakthrough.

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