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3G security has arrived
2011-03-28 08:37:03

Traditional security monitoring is broadly divided into two parts, part is used in business, industry or other dedicated security monitoring, part is used for civilian market shops, family, personal, and civilian market demand for monitoring mainly reflected on the mobile monitor and alarm linkage, next business growth point of this is the video monitor. And 3G for security the biggest significance is that it makes more mobile monitoring service deserved, fixed security monitoring from the control room, or under the network video monitoring must have a solid network of local, extended to the on-board high speed PTZ any place where phone signals can exist.
In support of the high bandwidth and high speed rate, 3G credentials of classic business will include video calls, bar code, video sharing, video conferencing, video messages, mobile TV, multimedia crbt, PoC (wireless a key pass). In addition, the application in the 2.5G era be fetion, mobile search, wireless gaming, mobile maps, mobile email, mobile banking, mobile newspaper and many other value-added services, in the era of 3G and upgrade will continue.
Typical classification of 3G can do the following:

Video call---3G phone often with two cameras, one for taking pictures and video calling, this is the must-have features of 3G.

Mobile TV---GPRS mobile phones are using streaming media technology in the past or CDMA1X Internet television, due to bandwidth limitations, the effect is not good enough. TD mobile transfer speed 2.4Mbit/s, listen to the song, MTV and movies no longer obscure.

Surf the Web---you can have fun in the chat on the phone, visit the forums, community, fast blog, high speed downloading music, movies. Use mobile high-speed Internet access to many Office and entertainment anytime, anywhere dream come true.

Phone positioning, and navigation and the real-time monitoring---such as user home Shi, can using remote control for deployment, in occurs door, and breaking window, and gas leaked or fire, exception situation Shi user home Shi, wireless door magnetic, and infrared, and wireless smoke sense, related alarm device will triggered alarm, public business platform immediately under network camera upload of alarm signal made series of linkage operation, including sent phone SMS notification user, and rotation network camera alignment corresponding pre-reset bit and started video and image capture, and triggered alarm,. Shops all over the shop boss view at anytime, anywhere, and so on.
Under the 3G security industry

Mobility, high bandwidth brings to video surveillance in the traditional sense of the significance of 3G belongs to communication areas, and security belong to the category of electronic information. 3G technology as a result of high bandwidth, mobility will enable security monitoring and mobile communication depth of integration, security monitoring will also implement an analog monitor, digital surveillance, cable network monitoring the transition to wireless video surveillance.

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