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3G wireless monitoring in industry-specific application of mobile video surveillance
2011-03-30 08:23:06


Monitoring and control system for a specific industry such as the country's road to green engineering, traffic monitoring, inspection and quarantine's electronic monitoring such as video surveillance, mostly large metropolitan area or even a national video monitoring system in the industry. High-end industry user now most in construction large video monitoring project of early, its on monitoring system of requirements is high, not only including has cable side image to real-time see was Qing, and video save was good, and cloud Taiwan control, instruction response was fast,, while also increased has on wireless video collection (as traffic patrol, and peace city mobile patrol, and chased mobile patrol and law enforcement,) and the mobile video watch and control of application requirements.

Because the current operators can profit on basic video surveillance platform are in a specific industry, Government, financial and telecommunications remain video monitoring and control of main areas of application, wireless network video monitoring and specific industry depth of Fusion will become an inevitable trend of development of network video monitoring market.

Three operators of 3G technology in different ways (CDMAEVDO China Mobile TD-SCDMA, China Telecom, China Unicom WCDMA) are network coverage of the progressive realization of large and medium cities. Therefore, once public transport lines cover the phone signal, coupled with 3G transfer rates, even in high speed running inside the implementation of monitoring will become simpler, and to improve the processing power of the State of emergency, safety of public transport will also be greatly enhanced. Current 3G network upload bandwidth to achieve the 384kbps in the early enough to transfer 1 CIF real-time image, happy is 3G HSDPA upgrade versions of the maximum transfer rate of support to 2.8Mbps, HD, multi-channel video transmission will make the control more easily.

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