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7-inch monitor with GPRS wireless video doorbell
2011-12-05 10:30:40

This is a support network of cell phone doorbell. When visitors press the doorbell, it will send a message to your cell phone to tell you who is waiting. At this time, you just set a good response code, the door will automatically open, welcoming the guests to help you enter the house.

    GPRS monitoring changes in the surrounding environment can automatically take pictures, then use the existing GPRS network, the scene of the pictures sent to the owner of the phone prompts and displays, to real-time alarm or real-time monitoring.

Key Features:

     1, real-time monitoring: monitoring the scene look at the situation through the mobile phone;
     2, automatic alarm: monitoring the scene when an exception occurs, the system immediately to the mobile phone alarm, and send real-time image;
     3, time alarm: the time interval set by users to send images to mobile phones regularly.


With calls, surveillance, intercom, unlock, hands-free, indoor two-way intercom call. Disturb
1,7-inch TFT LCD, no radiation, low power, high-definition widescreen images.
2, hands-free intercom function.
3, electric, electromagnetic lock function.
4, there is outdoor surveillance functions.
5, image brightness, color and volume can be adjusted.
6, oxidation and wear-resistant surface treatment of aluminum outdoor unit.
7, the indoor ultra-thin design, plating button, beautiful full luxurious.
8, the outdoor unit with infrared night vision function, wall-mounted installation is simple and convenient.
9, can support 4G memory card

Suitable for villas, homes, offices, office buildings, institutions and other places.

7-inch monitor with GPRS wireless video doorbell


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