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A home for the elderly essential visual doorbell
2012-05-21 09:24:05

As the saying goes, than distant neighbors. For this sentence, Fenghuli Xuefu Street Community82 years old people who live alone feel most of Tian Xiurong. Yesterday, the reporter came to her home, she pointed at her bedside a doorbell button said:" old neighbor, Li Taihao, he is to take care of my daily. Back to me on this visual doorbell, if I have something here, according to him, the doorbell began to ring. With this ring, I really do."

Tian Xiurong said," Li" is a66 year old Li zhensheng. The reporter went to his home, see bell speaker in his bedroom. Li Zhensheng says:" the bell sound is big, when going to bed also can be heard. Tian aunt there press, I call."

Li Zhensheng and his wife Wei Ruling moved into the Fenghuli community since 1986, and Tian Xiurong old two into the neighborhood. The two are separated only by a wall. Tian Xiurong's eldest daughter in the United States, two daughter settled in canada. Over the years, Li Zhensheng couple often guarding the two empty nester. In 2009, Tian Xiurong's wife, Li Zhensheng was put down her housework.

" My house became his thing." Tian Xiurong said," usually do after meals, give me; I have a headache and slight fever, he go to buy medicine; buy dish to buy fruit, also give me a little; home for heating, the installation of security doors, do the cleaning, he is to give up ... ... My key to him."

Tian Xiurong said:" although not close relatives, but I do not worry, because Li the good neighbor. The girls want to pick up my living abroad, I do not go, I do not adapt to foreign environment; daughters want to give me a big house, I'm not moving, house size is not important, the most important neighborhood relationship. Because there are Li, not moving."

Fenghuli community neighborhood committee director Wang Ling said:" Mr Li is our community in the famous ' heart '. Two, uncle Liu an asthma attack, he took the old man back down the stairs to the hospital; a neighbor of the sewer is blocked, water heater is broken, he came to fix; even the neighborhood odds, also to ask him to mediate. His meticulous care field aunt, also had the floor door other tenants, mutual help empty nester."

Li Zhensheng says:" I have no idea, also do not plan anything in return, that people have an old, filial piety is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. My parents are dead, for the side field aunt as filial heart, very comfortable."

Tian Xiurong told reporters:" don't look at Li gave me Ann bell, I just take it as ' Bell ' readiness, no emergency is not according to the. After all, the couple is in his sixties, I myself can do, little trouble them."

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