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A new generation of home security wireless video doorbell preferred
2011-07-28 09:16:10

At present, China's residential development has entered a new period of development, housing demand from the pursuit of simple living space to the pursuit of quantity demand quantity, quality, functionality and service multiple needs of the transition. To improve the residential, residential construction standards of modern technology, to promote the modernization of housing industry and housing regime change, we must make full use of modern construction techniques, new materials, environmental protection and energy saving technology, especially computer network technology is characterized by information technology. Intelligent building is the future direction of building development, especially with the advent of the 21st century, modern high-tech and information technology is being used by intelligent buildings into smart residential area, and then into the family. Family members of modern society is the pursuit of family information and intelligence to bring diverse safe, comfortable and convenient living environment as a life goal, however, no 2.4G wireless video intercom doorbell wiring, convenient and beautiful, the operation simple, is the first choice for a new generation of home security products.

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