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About 2.4g wireless technology
2011-08-02 08:50:49

2.4G wireless technology, the band at 2.405GHz-2.485GHz (science, medicine, agriculture) between. Therefore referred to as 2.4G wireless technology. International rules in this band is the free band, international organizations are not required to pay any fees. This is the development of 2.4G wireless technology to provide the necessary favorable conditions. And 2.4G wireless technology differs from previous 27MHz wireless technology, its work is full-duplex mode, transmission, anti-jamming performance than the 27MHz has an absolute advantage. The advantage of the decision of its superior noise immunity and maximum transmission distance of up to 10 meters. In addition 2.4G 2M wireless technology also has a theoretical data transfer rate than Bluetooth 1M theoretical transfer rate doubled. This is the future of the application layer to improve the reliability of protection. Integrated 2.4G, Bluetooth and 27MHz three common wireless transmission technology, 2.4G has its own unique advantages. 27MHz compared to the same free of its anti-interference wireless technology, the maximum transmission distance and power far beyond.

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