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Advantage of wireless surveillance solutions
2011-08-11 09:29:06

With the increasing development of wireless technology, wireless technology is increasingly being accepted by all walks of life. Wireless monitoring as a special use have gradually been promising customers. Its easy installation, flexibility, cost the industry more advanced features make surveillance system using wireless monitoring, the establishment of monitoring points and monitoring center is the connection between. Wireless surveillance technology has been in the modern area, traffic, transportation, water conservancy, shipping, security, fire and other fields has been widely used.

Traditional wireless surveillance and surveillance program compared with the following three advantages:
1, integrated, low cost, just a one-time investment, without trenching pipe, suitable for outdoor decoration distance and has a good occasion; in many cases, users are often due to geographical conditions and job content restrictions, such as mountain, port and open spaces and other special geographical environment of the wired network, cable transmission wiring works great inconvenience, the use of cable construction cycle is very long, or even impossible to achieve. At this time, the use of wireless monitoring can get rid of the shackles of cable, there is a short installation period, easy maintenance, expansion capability, the advantages of rapid cost recovery.
2, network flexibility, scalability, plug and play, managers can quickly add a new control point to an existing wireless network, no need for new transmission network rollout, more equipment, remote wireless monitoring easy .
3, low maintenance costs, monitoring and maintenance by the wireless network provider maintenance, front-end device is plug and play, maintenance-free system.

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