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All-digital wireless doorbell and the difference between ordinary wireless doorbell
2011-03-23 10:49:55

All-digital wireless doorbell and ordinary wireless doorbell is the biggest difference: digital wireless door bell is a special Bell Digital coding chip, much higher than that of general security, super power for granted!

Second is used high frequency technology, and General wireless doorbell of frequency different, some digital wireless doorbell launch frequency can up 433M, maximum of features and advantages is can upgrade, can and door magnetic, and probe, and remote control configuration group network using, value enjoy implementation anti-theft, multiple function, price cost natural also on high many, General doorbell rarely using digital coding, basic is used simulation chip, launch frequency General used General of low frequency 315M or more low of frequency, please select Wireless doorbell of friends do for reference, specific select what of natural also is you shots.

All-digital wireless doorbell test tips

Factory remote door control refers to the standard of the test environment is fixed in a suitable location, move the doorbell range received;
This product is an effective remote control distance of 100 meters, the standard test environments: a level open area gate and Bell under 100 metres apart;
Remote control distance in different environments have different levels of attenuation, a concrete wall caused attenuation of about 20% and ordinary brick wall about 10%; environment also receives significant attenuation of the following distance: including circular shelf.

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