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Analog video surveillance system
2011-10-07 08:45:36

Analog video surveillance system is based on the matrix, splitter, video recorder as the core, supplemented by other sensors in the simulation series.

Traditional analog CCTV surveillance system has its limitations:

First, the traditional video signals are analog signals, video signals transmitted via coaxial cable commonly used way. Within a shorter distance, such as 200-300 meters, the video signal attenuation is very small; if more than a certain distance, you need video amplifier to amplify the video signal, usually add an amplifier to extend the transmission distance 200 meters. However, in the works for two if the video signal amplification, the image will be significantly distorted, even in severe image distortion will be black stripes. Therefore, conventional video surveillance system is only suitable in a building or a certain range.

Second, the analog control system in all the way along the coaxial cable can transmit video signals, if you need to transfer data signals, control signals or audio signals on the cable must be laid separately. At the same time as the control point and the point of change and increase monitoring, must also lay the cable, expensive. Moreover, the simulation time-lapse video surveillance during the time of the image quality is poor, is not conducive to retrieve.

Third, the advantages of analog control system within a certain distance is maintained very good image quality, and to long-distance, high-definition, simultaneous transmission of multiple video and audio signals, the most economically feasible way is to digitize the analog signal, and its compression using public or private communication line transmission.

Fourth, to distinguish from the transmission device class, the video image signal transmission method can be divided into special transmission equipment and computer network into two categories. The former contains a dedicated line connection or a public communication line video transmission equipment, coaxial cable, telephone lines or fiber optic, dedicated video and image receiver, transmitter, microwave and satellite communications equipment, etc., in this way is in the seventies late in the early 1980s developed; while the latter is very widely distributed through the existing computer networks and digital multimedia technology to transmit video images, in this way with the Internet technology in the rapidly growing popularity around the world are being rapidly development, this kind of approach will become a future standard video surveillance system.

Finally, the analog video signal cable only dedicated quality mechanical and magnetic tape recorders, these devices require specialized maintenance?

analog video surveillance system

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