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Analysis of common problems in wireless intercom doorbell
2012-05-11 09:25:49

1, can not accept video signals and audio signals, wireless video doorbell did not respond, first consider the power supply, check whether or not to charge

2, the electronic security doors, individual user does not ring: This situation must first figure out the intercom system is used directly according to the type or encoding type. If the coding type, then the focus should be on the indoor phone; If the straight type, should first check the host, line, normal, then check the indoor phone.

The intercom system can not call: we must first clarify the individual people or the whole system, if individual people, so please check him a line. For the entire system, then we must consider lines or host.

4, all households in video intercom doorbell Image: If this problem should first consider whether the host part of a problem, then can be used to try a good host. If the problem persists, please carefully check the video of the main cable.

A floor without any signal state: This happens because the line out of the floor junction box connected, please check the thread of the floor junction box.

6, all users of indoor phone unlocking: There are several aspects to this situation, we should first rule out the reason of the electric lock. Then, check whether the host of reasons.

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