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Analysis on development trend of future building intercom
2011-06-22 08:40:55
Digital building intercom by large enterprises vigorously sought after in the market, in addition to benefit from the technical advantages, increasing market demands more of its popular provided a great impetus.

Currently, increasing competition in the property market, many real estate enterprise's management style changes, from extensive to intensive development, build excellent but excellent high-end buildings, their diversity and function of scientific and technological content of the House requires more and more, which directly promoted the development of digital intercom system.

Digital video intercom products to meet the needs of high-end customers, such as large-screen touch design door machine, smart color family extension, more comprehensive, such as color images/text information release system, visitor photo, guestbook, message alarm, Elevator linkage, vehicle arrival notification.

Visitor confirmation, user needs, from traditional intercom door, elegant interior extension extended to home security and home automation control features such as image viewing, information publishing and visitors. Many developers have to require the installation of such systems.

Digital intercom increasing demand in the markets were excited by many enterprises. From the beginning of 2008, works on the TCP/IP based digital intercom system's willingness to purchase very strongly, and the purchase in the first-tier cities continued increase in the number.

Increasing market demands not only provides a convenient service to customers, but also for the manufacturers to create a substantial economic benefit. Traditional intercom system in a State of profit, is difficult to get the expected economic benefits of enterprises, and digital intercom belongs to the high-end products in the industry, high technological content of products, technical strength have certain requirements for the enterprise and, therefore, intervene in enterprises of fewer relatively large enterprise profits. High-tech provides a great deal of profit for the enterprise space, or as a new economic growth point of many building intercom enterprise.

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