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Analysis on the scalability of the burglar alarm system function module
2011-06-27 14:39:22
In addition to the existing zone expansion modules, and bus probes outside the regular bus device, in order to meet the needs of some special application environment, current international mainstream bus controller special extension modules are increasingly rich, there are a few of the commonly used items.

1, access control extension modules. Mainly installed in certain special circumstances, such as self-service banking establishments. Customers only need simple access control functionality on several doors, if separate increase a stand-alone access control system, costs too much. To do this, in the alarm system by adding an access control extension modules, all of the access control terminal equipment, including the reader, go on a button, the electric lock connected to this module, you can easily implement access control features, including access control parameter settings, time periods, group permissions.

2, Chinese voice module. Number of users on remote operation system requirements, by increasing the Chinese speech interactive modules, you can enable end users to achieve: System Remote cloth/disarmed; remote monitoring and call and triggered by intrusion alarm system event information, such as controllers, automatically dial up to 8 pre-set phone numbers such as property or the competent authorities, by Chinese speech prompt system events information.

3, TCP/IP network with a gateway function modules, and the GSM module. Both of these modules has been gradually became the standard configuration of the alarm system. Areas that cannot be covered in traditional phone lines, or in order to increase the reliability of the system for communication and as a means of communication for the purposes of backup, by connecting the two communication modules, wired LAN/WAN connection can be realized system, wireless voice communications, and wireless network connections. Burglar alarm systems provide mature technology, stable, compatible with strong TCP/IP networking module and GSM module is very necessary.

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