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Application for building Visual intercom system
2011-04-30 09:59:42
hen users select building Visual intercom system, first determine the functional requirements of their own, and then to select a specific system. In their own system after determining required, then you should find the production of the product manufacturer. Users respond to manufacturers with detailed understanding, whether the production of technical security licenses? Detection is through the Ministry of public security or national authorities? Whether the manufacturer's quality assurance system to the full? Perfect the system of after-sales service? Technical support? Successful application and demonstration project. Especially networking warning system engineering of intelligent community, should be carefully chosen. Manufacturer determines the future, users also comparison of systems of the manufacturers should be horizontal, shifted the focus of systems engineering installation considerations, such as cabling, installation, debugging, and so on.

In recent years, building Visual intercom system as part of the intelligent building has become an organic composition of housing construction, residential security played an active role and was recognized by the user. But the lack of household detailed information and the manufacturer's technical support, makes part of the system running less than the expected results, or even normal use, to a negative impact on engineering, developers. For building Visual intercom system truly play its role, this article will focus on application for building Visual intercom system, hoping to be helpful to you.
Video intercom system is a modern comfortable residence service, providing two-way Visual communication between visitors and tenants, to image, voice, double recognition in order to increase safety and reliability, while saving a lot of time, increase productivity. More important of is, once homes within by installed of door magnetic beginning, and infrared alarm detector, and smoke expedition measuring device, and gas alarm, device connection to Visual on told system of preservation type indoor machine Shang yihou, Visual on told system on upgrade for a security technology prevention network, it can and residential community property management center or community security cable or wireless communications, to up to anti-theft, and disaster prevention, and anti-gas leak, security role, for owners of life property security provides maximum degree of protection. At the same time, also to improve the overall management of residential and service level, creating a safe community living environment, thus gradually becoming comfortable residence indispensable equipment.
Building Visual intercom system, and generally include video intercom and alarm intelligent networking, meet household, socialization of villas, houses, high-rise buildings and residential community of different needs on different occasions.
Design and description
To ensure the installation specifications, concise, convenient, simple extension, building Visual intercom system, mostly open bus architecture; resilient coding and decoding methods, user extension terminal isolation to ensure long-term, stable and reliable operation of the system; user extension power strip and simple installation for separation of the body, easy installation, avoid skin damage or lost in machine installation.
Single building intercom system
The system is suitable for high, multilayer building only requires intercom and electric control to unlock and you do not need network situation. By the host, user extension, uninterruptible power supply at the door, electrically controlled lock up. Bus structure, trunk line for the three-core cable, interlayer distributor a transfer to the user to connect two core promise of line. Bus to the user's extension layer asked Distributor, protective effect on bus to isolation so that any extension or extension line short circuit shall not affect the functioning of the system, greatly improving system reliability and stability. User's extension must be encoded, extension General swap convenient after-sales service, which also have address type, digital-type to choose.

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