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Application of digital video intercom in the high-end real estate
2011-04-15 08:56:05
Digital video intercom products comparative advantage relative to the traditional Visual intercom products, and markets to request digital video intercom products, which makes the domestic video intercom manufacturers for digital video intercom products scramble for sth. While digital video intercom products is still conceptual for most manufacturers, but some strong economic strength and better specifications for manufacturers, have vigorously developed the project in previous years, in recent years, also see pure digital video intercom products available in the market, but also began to be applied to some high-end buildings.

In recent years showing a community residential buildings with large type, and the many, many households, boutique and require high, and the growing residential, networking has become a headache problem. "Live Po in residential community buildings on told system used Internet schema to networking, it replaced has original bus networking way, especially for some large residential community, we will recommendations buildings on told system used network schema networking, mixed way installed, such can adaptation in same community in different customer group of demand, as: Villa, and high-grade apartment terminal with color Visual on told products, General apartment with black and white Visual on told products, fetch households and low price General residential with non-Visual on told products.

Fierce competition in the local real estate industry, real estate developers are more willing to put in more resources to the construction of intelligent residential area, to build quality housing, to the landlord provides a more secure and comfortable environment. Therefore, digital video intercom products is to satisfy the needs of this part of the customer, such as large-screen touch machines, intelligent color family extension design of the door, functional requirements are higher, such as: color images  text information release system, visitor photo, guestbook, message alarm, Elevator linkage, vehicle arrival notification and so on.

However, after all digital products into the community, usually after two years of time to test, and the occupancy rate of more than 60%, through the survey of owners to prove the success of the system.

"Digital home" Foundation components

Digital, to provide intelligent, integrated to achieve a good foundation. By digitizing, intelligent Community system all subsystems also can at the same implement a TCP/IP based network. Digital is not only created a family of intelligent life, property management or by the family of digital community gateways and intelligent IC card authentication, provide community e-commerce and online billing and other value-added services. And digital video intercom, as "digital home" system, one of the subsystem, it "digital home" system provides a fully functional platform is the "digital home" system of systems.

In the community on the development of intelligent, digital is an inevitable trend. On the technical basis of digital, networked, integrated already, "digital home" the market is gradually taking shape. Digital home ' technology development on our product research and development has produced a lot of pressure, and this is the pressure of power. Therefore, the function of digital video intercom products must get rid of the traditional Visual intercom mode restrictions, full study on the functional requirements of the market for high-end users, making full use of TCP/IP technology, achieving set video intercom, diversification of intelligent control and information exchange in one product. In the delivery of products, while also provides system design and guidance to provide combined security of property management software, to realize the value of digital, intelligent and integrated community.

Digital intelligent terminal of the smart home concept products are included in the future will be subject to the greatest concern of the market. Advantage of such products is: technology used on embedded technologies, hardware and more powerful, more flexible software development, system more stable. Use of standard Ethernet architecture, networking easier. Function not only solve some of the traditional talk on intelligent control of abuses but also as a family centre, appliance control, home security and monitoring, information terminals, and digital entertainment in the home of the family are to be consolidated. As people increasingly attach importance to such products on the home environment will be more widely accepted by the customer.

By operations management for added value

Digital video intercom biggest opportunities was operational. Digital Visual on told system main is for high-end market, its function of perfect sexual also decided has its as digital security of Terminal, for this, can to digital Visual on told made Telecom level, and can operations (has value-added of function) of system, is just sold products, also can sold service, to products sold customer (even in future also can do ' sent ') Hou, in customer of using process in the, operators using products of function platform, constantly to increased paid service project, to charged service costs. "It is understood that the Shenzhen a digital community of developers will set up a company to operate digital video intercom system. And as the control product technology manufacturers can do according to their own criteria to decide whether to participate in operation, even if they do not do operations, through close cooperation with operators, and constantly improve the functionality of the product, building the perfect digital video intercom service platform, so as to enhance the system's value and visibility.

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