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Application of high-end digital video intercom systems in buildings
2011-04-27 11:06:27
On the market today, though non-digital video intercom products still account for the mainstream, but its poor, limited transmission distance, anti-jamming ability system incompatibility and other issues are not a good solution. And with the improvement of people's living standard, a single video intercom is far cannot meet the needs of family and community safety, users of products safety, stability,

Digital video intercom products comparative advantage relative to the traditional Visual intercom products, and markets to request digital video intercom products, which makes the domestic video intercom manufacturers for digital video intercom products scramble for sth. While digital video intercom products is still conceptual for most manufacturers, but some strong economic strength and better specifications for manufacturers, have vigorously developed the project in previous years, in recent years, also see pure digital video intercom products available in the market, but also began to be applied to some high-end buildings.

In recent years showing a community residential buildings with large type, and the many, many households, boutique and require high, and the growing residential, networking has become a headache problem. Live Po in residential community buildings on told system used Internet schema to networking, it replaced has original bus networking way, especially for some large residential community, we will recommendations buildings on told system used network schema networking, mixed way installed, such can adaptation in same community in different customer group of demand, as: Villa, and high-grade apartment terminal with color Visual on told products, General apartment with black and white Visual on told products, fetch households and low price General residential with non-Visual on told products.

Fierce competition in the local real estate industry, real estate developers are more willing to put in more resources to the construction of intelligent residential area, to build quality housing, to the landlord provides a more secure and comfortable environment. Therefore, digital video intercom products is to satisfy the needs of this part of the customer, such as large-screen touch machines, intelligent color family extension design of the door, functional requirements are higher, such as: color images + text information release system, visitor photo, guestbook, message alarm, Elevator linkage, vehicle arrival notification and so on.

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