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Area visual doorbell to regular maintenance
2012-05-28 08:57:02


Security experts point out that, visual doorbell is the important tool for security area residents, the property sector is responsible for community intercom product upgrades and maintenance, but recently Zhengzhou reporter in town to know, partial area monitoring system such as doorbell intercom doorbell intercom equipment near failure, some equipment are long for replacement.

Reporters found near a security guard, the lead reporter to view the surveillance video. Hear this word, security reluctant told reporters, camera over a year ago broke down, now only when a device.

Into the control room, the reporters saw six cameras, two is closed, and the other four cameras are also told only real-time monitoring function, shooting function has been lost.

Subsequently, the reporter visited the district two seven, Jinshui District accessories five area found, wherein four residential surveillance cameras, building intercom systems, is a problem, partly doorbell intercom facilities have been damaged. Building intercom system, a visual screen also into a pure white. Partial security told reporters, at present many residential developers, property sector on the doorbell intercom products are one-time investment, product broken property sector nor additional repair section

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