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Before new opportunity, visual doorbell Market Positioning
2012-09-04 10:15:10


Intelligent home furnishing a rapidly emerging industries, plus the people consumption rising, in the near future, intelligent home furnishing will form a new market. As the intelligent home furnishing an inalienable part, wireless video doorbell to find in the market itself, is the enterprise problems.

The intelligent home furnishing concept more and more fire, with more enterprises to join the competition, although can bring more benign market environment, but a large number of professional manufacturers cut led to chaos, large number of unqualified products into the market, making consumers of this emerging industry have been questioned, and industry development slowed down considerably, the need to remind all major manufacturers, product is a magic weapon to win.

In the domestic only hung trillion electron and a few other manufacturers with production of wireless video doorbell qualifications, although after years of development, now also do not form a strong brand, brand visual doorbell still for foreign manufacturers of all, development of the time factor, and technical factors are main reason. But after the market reform, the author believe that in the near future, China will become the brand of visual doorbell, standardization. Hong trillion electron will spare no effort to work towards this goal.

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