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Build a comprehensive monitoring by the audio video surveillance systems
2011-05-21 11:14:52

China's security industry has experienced 30 years of development, video surveillance, burglar alarm, access control recognition in their respective fields have good performance. However, in this huge field of video surveillance will always ignore the small details, although it has little value, but certainly filling.Video surveillance system consists of a single analog control gradually transformed into high-definition digital video surveillance, monitoring into a single network by the monitoring, identification technology, added to improve the monitoring efficiency. Thus, with the increasingly high demand for security monitoring overall progress and technology, the traditional single video monitor has been unable to meet the needs of different areas, the audio is expanding even as the necessary functions come. 

    Monitoring is a core component of the audio pickups. The integration of audio and video surveillance systems, video cameras like the eyes, pickup is the ears. Image and sound transmitted over the network to the hard disk recorder or monitoring center, saved form information on a basic audio-visual records. The current security products and systems with less support for the audio expansion, the majority can not be two-way intercom, synchronization, and other high-end applications. Some vendors in order to meet the requirements, and added to audio coding, audio and video is difficult to separate the two sets of equipment to achieve synchronization, voice and image appear larger relative delay. 

For the importance of audio monitoring, there are some people disagreed. That the audio monitoring would violate personal privacy, some people think that audio monitoring is unnecessary. In actual fact, the audio controls are now in many areas has become an integral part. The judiciary, the traffic police enforcement, metro, an important area of ​​public places and so need to install audio monitoring, but monitoring is relatively easy to implement audio alarm. This is not only bound to play the role of individual behavior as a national public service law enforcement is the key evidence. 

The current monitor mode to synchronize audio and video has become the industry consensus, the monitor screen to do audio and video synchronization is the development trend of the field of security, the face of unexpected situations, the audio and video synchronization of the monitor screen is also able to provide more adequate staff to determine the basis to help the rapid formation of decision-making.

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