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Building System Failure Analysis
2012-05-31 09:52:32

First, the system failures

An overall system response
First consider the power problem, check the power light does not light,
View the power supply is connected wrong meter to check whether there is a short circuit.
Check the power is not a problem case, it may fuse burned out, in need of replacement.

(2) call, no video.
The first possibility is that the indoor unit 18v visual power cord is a wrong,
Correctly connect the power to -> Video Splitter -> indoor unit power.

Two does not unlock

All users can unlock
First, check the outdoor unit and the electric lock cable is energized.
Check lock line is connected (directly by systems on the 2nd line, digital line 3) (to the electronically controlled lock, unlock line 2 wire, it is recommended to use sheathed cable of 0.5 mm2, unlock line marked each The manufacturer is slightly different, there is no uniform standard);
Approach: (first) according to wiring diagram correctly connected transmission line (and can live) unlock password unlock test
If we can open the lock, to prove that the door-to-electric locking channel (no problem), door-to-normal power supply channel;
The main line to the decoder circuit families can not unlock (the proposal);

Some users can not unlock
Possible reasons: to check whether the lock wire to the wrong or poor contact (digital systems: extension to
Decoder on the 3rd line; straight style: check extension to the door machine on the 2nd line) and the extension itself is normal;
Approach: a good opportunity to see if normal, replace it with substitutions
If you do not normally check the wiring is connected correctly.

3, call
A. All users extension can not intercom
Possible reasons: to check the door to the decoder and the decoder to the user extension audio cable (the decoder can also be classified on the floor platform) (Line 3, Line 5 (line number bit of the wiring the manufacturers to see that the systemengineering wiring diagram)) is connected correctly and connected;
Approach: the wiring diagram correctly connected transmission lines.
A user's extension can not intercom
Possible reasons: the decoder output port to the user extension audio cable (line 3, on the 5th line (line number bit of the wiring of the manufacturers, see the wiring diagram of the system engineering)) is connected correctly
Approach: the wiring diagram correctly connected transmission lines.

3 intercom current sound
May reason: The system to check whether there are sources of interference, the audio cable is connected;
Approach: correct wiring, or replace a power supply to try. (Preferably according to the instructions of the supplier of engineering and technical division! In addition to checking the outside interference, you can also consider appropriate adjustments to volume)

Fourth, the video image
A. Snow point
Possible reasons: to check whether it was wrong to 18V visual power received on the door machine, resulting in overheating camera;
Approach: correct wiring (Note: the vast majority of manufacturers of building intercom host power supply for 12V power supply)
Image dissatisfaction screen, there are hidden corners
Possible Cause: The check plus (check) to the extension on the visual power of 18 /-1V;
Processing methods: extension to the power distance is too far away, the power cord is standard.
Image dissatisfaction screen, there are hidden corners
Possible reasons: the image signal weak lead line is not synchronized;
Solution: Check video cable contact is good, the transmission distance is too far, cable is standard.
4 image blur, dim
Possible Cause: The signal is too weak, the impedance mismatch or poor contrast;
Approach: a) to adjust the extension on the back of a 75 ohm impedance switch
b) the contrast, brightness, adjustable potentiometer to improve the image effect.
(5) visual extension raster no picture
Possible reasons: no images in the visual extension of the whole building, check the door machine video output V to a video distributor, the input wiring is divided into positive and negative connected, the video distributor is connected to the power, pay attention to the input and output port can not access wrong;
Approach: video distributor connected to the power supply correctly connected input and output video line.

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