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Building intercom and security alarm basic knowledge
2012-05-16 09:19:13

Because the alarm system in terms of technical complexity, reliability, operability, the role of both the particularity, the traditional alarm intercom system with unified design of buildings, and are combined together in the intelligence community in great quantities in the promotion, we explore the key.

In all the area of intelligent system in the building, the most popular with the residents should be closely related to the building intercom system and home burglar alarm and emergency assistance system. Intelligent community in the early construction, as a result of the building intercom system and burglar alarm system manufacturers are relatively independent, the system also does not take too much integration, basically uses a number of manufacturers of products, and currently on the market with a variety of alarm function of the building intercom system has been the world. Because the alarm system in terms of technical complexity, reliability, operability, the role of both the particularity, the traditional alarm intercom system with unified design of buildings, and are combined together in the intelligence community in large quantities to promote the use of, is the focus of this paper.

Typical alarm system networking mode introduction

Currently on the market using the telephone line, the alarm system bus, network, power line, line, wireless and so on various forms of networking system, we mainly aims at the present the most widely applied two kinds of.

A, phone line networking

In the home alarm host with a management center through an ordinary telephone line network. This networking intelligent community in the early application of more, at present the foreign manufacturers such as ADEMCO, C&K, FBI, DSC are used in this way.


1suitable for distributed alarm calls: banking, villa with more;

2 there is no wiring: due to the adoption of an ordinary telephone line network, and the management center without wiring, suitable for the transformation of the old district;

3 band voice communication and alarm function: can dial the mobile phone, telephone voice alarm.


The capacity of small, slow: due to alarm alarm center also uses telephone lines, in a number of alarm at the same time there will be communication jamming phenomenon, generally from the alarm trigger -- dial Report

-- center alarm success needs 8~ 20 seconds, taking into account the alarm system every day a certain state (withdrawal deployment, self-checking etc.) signal reporting, not suitable for large and medium-sized small

Area using;

The high cost of communication: due to the use of telephone line communications, each with the alarm center communication should pay a telephone fee.

Comprehensive evaluation:

Phone line networking alarm system more suitable for distributed alarm request, has a voice communication, without wiring function is its characteristic, is especially suitable for the reconstruction of old residential alarm. But

In a certain size new residential communication speed, small capacity, high cost, high cost is to promote the use of the shortcomings, at the same time with the intercom system in different ways, but also lead to and intercom system effectively combines the use of.

B, bus system networking

In the home alarm host and management center through special data lines (2 cores ) for the network, each alarm host has opposing address code, through the address code to identify the warning. This network in intelligent residential area more, the current domestic professional bus system alarm, building intercom alarm host using the networking mode.


Fast communication speed, large capacity: using 485bus baud rate, in only 2400cases, report a warning information is only 0.1~ 0.3 seconds, Center for basic is not engaged, suitable for large capacity cell;

Two-way communication: used bus system can not only alarm reporting, center also can quickly download the information;

Low cost: due to the village with its own lines of communication, alarm communication need not cost, can reduce the burden on residents;

Integrated performance is good: because most intelligent system adopts bus communication mode, convenient and other systems integration, and reduce the engineering cost, enhance the communications control center


Low cost: bus system alarm system eliminates the need for telephone line alarm system in the dialing module, cost reduction, convenient popularization.


Construction requirements: for line laying, bus isolation has higher technical requirements;

No voice communication function: suitable only for use online, not suitable for household use exclusive single-family, lack of effective alarm to notify the user of means;

Not suitable for long distance alarm users: general alarm and communication distance cannot be more than1200 meters.

Comprehensive evaluation:

Networking alarm system has the advantages of fast speed, large capacity, low cost advantages, because the can and intercom system of unified wiring, very suitable for new especially large and medium-sized residential use, is a family of universal product.

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