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Building intercom competition is what factors
2011-02-25 08:35:34
According to the survey, China's mainland market, black and white video intercom system products still account for more than 70% of the total market, color video intercom products to market at the beginning of the last two years, in South-Eastern coast of developed city developing rapidly, but market share still falls short of 30%.

Emergence of new technologies

As digital technology, and network technology, and tone video compression technology and the embedded technology of rapid development, makes by digital processing Hou of tone video and the control signal can while in network Shang transmission, greatly simplified has physical network, not only signal quality substantially improve (basic no attenuation), allows more road signal while transmission, and wiring, and group network, and signal transmission, and system can extended sexual, and system easy maintenance sexual, and anti-interference sexual, and more channel communications capacity, aspects are has obvious advantage. It is for this reason, digital processing and audio/video and control signals via IP networks, become the inevitable trend of community video intercom system. In addition, some manufacturers have also developed high resistance to jamming, and lightning, energy-efficient products, maximum support system running safely and securely, that is, when the system will automatically turn to power save mode when power outages, and to effectively resist external lightning surge and electromagnetic interference.

Also noteworthy is the clamour of digitization and networking craze, manufacturers are also withstand lonely, they still think analog systems to do the high-performance, high stability, has worked tirelessly to improve the performance and appearance of its products. Does, they also occupies with quite of market share, as has been to products high stability, and superb styling and appearance and is famous for of DongGuang HongZhao Innovation Electronic Co., Ltd., still flagship its simulation system products, its exhibit of more series door machine products still using traditional simulation way, function although phase more digital network system simple, only as pure Visual on told system, does not additional other function, but from fuselage of waterproof performance, and low energy consumption LED build of night depending on function, and fine of appearance, and have originality of styling, details, also also was extreme concern.

Closing remarks

China as a developing country, building Visual intercom product market potential is huge. And intelligent building market in mainland China is relatively mature, 30% annual growth rate, the corresponding led building Visual intercom product market's rapid development. Nevertheless, as peoples ' security management community and increasing requirements of property management, security, stability, practicality, standardization, and open, also need to continue to strengthen.

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