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Building intercom concept and matters needing attention
2012-07-10 09:50:01


With the development of society, more and more closed architecture, which leads to the outside of the housing communication is more and more convenient, and building intercom emerge as the times require, develops today, building intercom is divided into visual doorbell, wireless visual intercom, intercom doorbell, refers to a set of visitor intercom system ( a set that contains the software, hardware and after sale service management of human guest operating system ).

Building intercom choice

Mainly pay attention to the following aspects:

In 1, the capacity of the system of residential quarter in China 's small size, hundreds of families, big on 1000households, and the building is given priority to, the population density in the relatively small west country is hard to imagine. Therefore foreign in the intercom system capacity far inferior to us.

2, environmental requirement our country at present development of the area is only doing hair bad housing, most of the families in the purchase should be renovated, every household decoration will cause some damage to the system, and the community in all of the cycle may last for years. In view of this situation, the strength of domestic companies in the design of the system to anti broken and anti jamming in the first place.

In 3, the compatibility of the system due to the occupants of the requirements are different, the same unit households may have installed video, some require installing the non-visual, and some require now without interconnection, but in the future to networking and so on, all of the system compatibility raised very tall requirement.

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