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Building intercom gradually amplified more personality characteristics
2011-04-19 08:41:48
Building intercom market segment gradually forming

Building intercom system in the country's development for long, but because of its market prospects. Domestic building intercom manufacturer there is a lot, but is relatively small. Building intercom system concentration higher development trends in the market. Building intercom and television monitoring, burglar alarm, access control management, intelligent parking comprise the security industry. Due to the social progress, changes in human life and thought patterns, in addition, as economic development, social stratum differentiation, social law and order situation is not optimistic, all of which have great promoting role in the development of security industry.

Intercom system features diversified

Building community of intelligent building intercom system is a basic configuration, in the design of new living houses, some cities have imposed. Building intercom systems from General to speak, to the development of black and white video intercom, color video intercom and more diversified. Introduction of image recognition technology, such as the door fingerprint recognition technology makes the system more humane; use of audio and video digitization, ARM embedded technology allows the system to direct access to broadband networks, using Bluetooth technology can achieve from wireless building intercom wiring systems.

Digital building intercom hot

As real estate industry of development, benchmarking type real estate of full digital of swept the, digital buildings on told hot, buildings on told enterprise have will digital, and network and buildings on told contact up, TCP/IP buildings on told technology increasingly mature, and began put market, its efficient, and convenient of features makes digital, and TCP/IP technology quickly was market recognized, traditional of simulation on told system, dang community of scale had large, and or floor more words, will inevitable to appears because video transmission distance had far and led of signal fuzzy problem; while, in more channel problem Shang, also has congenital weakness, is difficult to is good of overcome solution. Using digital technology, you can well solve the two problems. That is, the networking part of the standard TCP/IP protocol to transmit audio and video digital signal after compression. As the video, audio and control information is digital signal, the basic no signal attenuation problems easily meet the requirements by long distance transmission; in addition, network physical network using standard Ethernet architecture, network sharing, easier for multi-channel requests.

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