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Building intercom in the importance of the Intelligent Community
2011-12-06 09:29:50

Intelligent residential security systems, applications frequently than the building intercom system, which is the main floor tenants out of the unit certified equipment, but also for visitors headed to the identification and release of channels, embedded in the access control system and visual intercom systems, access control and video intercom while playing the dual identity.
Door machine authentication in the form of a number of ways, with different access control module control can be achieved in different ways, currently dominated by credit card, or password authentication, according to Furman Coase Dingxiong Gang introduced, but also to door machine configuration Bluetooth module, Bluetooth cell phone paired with the automatic door way. Bluetooth control in two ways, one is not to be certified, as long as the door machine senses the signal from the Bluetooth mobile phone will automatically open the door; another shall be certified, when the door phone to send the machine receives a Bluetooth signal to send to phone Enter the password command, only the password is correct, the door will open. Furman Coase Dingxiong Gang also that, although present, the use of biometric authentication methods, but because of the current biometric technology is not yet done a hundred percent accurate recognition rate, and vulnerable to management restrictions on the number, the amount of a long time when the database , prone to refuse to recognize / misidentification phenomena, resulting in management difficulties, therefore, it is more suitable for strict management, the management of very high quality, low-volume flow cell application.

Building visual intercom system is a multi-faceted applications, in addition to achieve point to point, but also to achieve multipoint linkage function.

Point: first, household management center and door machine or docking. When a visitor, the tenants through the indoor unit to make calls and door machine, door machine also came to see the image, so that heads can be identified from the voice and image identity of visitors, and then through the indoor unit control buttons linkage the door open. Indoor unit still maintaining the smooth transfer and management center, when the management center announcements, you can tell by way of SMS or voice head of the household.

Multipoint: the communication between the user and the user application to regular contact between the neighborhood, convenient to run down the stairs, through building visual intercom system to communicate. But the practical application of the system put in, this feature is not able to do more, some international security companies are in accordance with domestic demand will be the introduction of appropriate technology products, such as the latest development of the pure digital system can be between households and households intercom functions, the system requires the use of the premise that one video intercom system through the use of SMS on the phone invitation, the other accepts the invitation both to make calls and intercom; Honeywell also developed the corresponding pure Digital video intercom system, which in the case of South Korea has been applied, is currently being introduced to China.

Elevator control: by building intercom system and elevator linkage, but also to achieve control elevator functions. In the establishment of database, entry in the system name of the head of household, dwelling unit, room number and other information, when the video intercom system to complete the authentication of the households, the head of the household information will be sent to the elevator control system, into the elevator at the head of the household , the elevator will automatically reach the floor where the head of the household. For visitors, when the system receives the head of the household allowed to enter the command, it will lift linkage, visitors will automatically be served head of the household where the floor. this approach will give no credit card or by stopping by the inconvenience, although more work, but to improve the security level, effectively prevent the entry of illegal persons and ran. Currently, video intercom system and elevator building in the area of ​​application linkage is not a lot, although can improve security, but human application is still more harm than good.

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Building intercom in the importance of the Intelligent Community

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