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Building intercom industry could not escape the "low" shadow
2011-07-27 16:15:42

Living in the meantime the building intercom companies how to get rid of the low level of price competition, to find a new way to break through 

In order to more intense competition in the market slice, many building intercom products, sales of enterprises through low-cost way to expand market share. The reason is mainly building intercom industry, many companies lack core technology and do not have the appropriate R & D capability, can only imitate the popular products on the market, relying on low prices to get consumers. This low-cost way of competition to some extent disrupted the original market order, it is difficult to maintain the normal building intercom industry profits, so that the whole industry at a low stage of the competition, restricted the building intercom industry's healthy development. 

Industry veteran believes that building intercom into the healthy development of enterprises in order to track, we must rely on advanced technology, guide the consumer market; market after the increase in sales, will encourage enterprises to expand production, enterprise development and expansion of the building intercom up. At present, the building intercom manufacturer of low-cost actions, while manufacturers in the short term can increase sales, but in the long run will reduce the other innovative companies a reasonable profit, reducing market participation in the initiative. 

When the technology industry throughout the building intercom capabilities have stayed at a lower level, not technological innovation, can not lead the new market consumption, market, profit margins will be smaller and smaller. 

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