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Building intercom mainstream digital-video intercom
2011-04-14 09:05:45
Video intercom mentioned on simulation has evolved from the simple black and white, color video intercom, and digital video intercom course, toward the direction of the network and intelligent development and gradual integration of different media functions.

As real estate industry of development, benchmarking type real estate of full digital of swept the, digital buildings on told gradually into mainstream, buildings on told enterprise have will digital, and network and buildings on told contact up, TCP/IP buildings on told technology increasingly mature, and began put market, its efficient, and convenient of features makes digital, and TCP/IP technology quickly was market recognized, this opened has half word on told products, and full digital on told products of substantive application prelude.

Traditional analog intercom system, there are certain drawbacks, if too large in the community, or more floors, will inevitably occur due to the video image blur problems resulting from transmission distance too far and, on a multiple-channel issues, also has congenital weakness, to better solve.

And digital buildings on told can cover this defects, Visual on told technology has by yiqian of black and white Visual on told comprehensive entered to color Visual on told stage, from pure technology angle,, has by yiqian of simulation tone video and the bus control technology, development to to TCP/IP technology for core of digital Visual on told, makes Visual on told system wiring more simple, maintenance convenient, without Middle device, can application in various large of community and Villa of networking among, avoid has bus busy of problem; also market need function more comprehensive, and more intelligent of of indoor Terminal, it out has General on told products using rate low of problem, improve has using who of life quality. At the same time signal transmission distance is no longer the barrier, achieving Visual intercom remote control and monitoring of video has become a trend for the future development.

For digital video intercom products development, major digital technology development the original focus more on product stability, features practical and customer individual requirements, and also put forward higher requirements for appearance. Channels, digital video intercom because no form of scale, still works, or in-line project as the main methods of marketing. Predictable is that once the mainstreaming of digital video intercom, will be security distributors or PDS integrators as the main sales channel. On the project application, more and more digital intercom and alarm, monitoring and control, home automation, access control card, subsystems, such as a car park form a high degree of integration and linkage. PC-terminal management software integration and interaction will be the developing direction of IP video intercom.

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