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Building intercom market prospect
2012-07-04 10:38:11


What is the building intercom? Building intercom is talking to each other, in the building of equipment, according to the different functions are divided into, wireless visual intercom, and wired intercom. Is mainly composed of an indoor machine and an outdoor machine, indoor machine mounted on the door, when guests visit, we can through the indoor machine with video conversation, high-end building intercom general and remote lock function.

Along with the economic level, people's position consciousness increase, for families, surveillance camera is clearly not appropriate, and a beautiful wireless doorbell is very appropriate, owners can not only through the doorbell monitoring around the outside of the house, not the time at home by the doorbell snap photos, see a day the visitor.

As to the development of our country, the housing that has a huge demand, estate prosperity for the building intercom industry has brought enormous potential, and intelligent home furnishing market is mature with each passing day, also will bring the visual doorbell industry development, in the face of this opportunity, hung trillion electron will spare no effort to increase the strength of research and development, developed the best user experience of the product, at the same time, also welcomed the dealers around the agents.

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