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Building intercom system design
2012-07-09 10:03:44



Building intercom after years of development, from the original bulky cable equipment now the wireless device after a long transition, and technology research and development is the world without end, regardless of the technology innovation, enhance the user experience is the final purpose of technology from the technology, the user experience is of no value, the number of listed below in the building intercom technology design principle.

1 lower costs, improve the price

Reduce cost should be the designers first close new elements, PC market in recent years is strictly followed. This criterion, wantonly improve hardware configuration at the same time, prices have remained unchanged, this point is also building industry designers guidelines. Only in the price small advantage, can grab market opportunities.

2 security principles

In the past some cable building equipment, often happens by anti peeping problem, although this problem in the wireless device to be solved, but as a security products, security is the most important way of the public.

3 integrated design

Integrated design, popular is the function expansion, when the product upgrades, old product can be obtained by expanding and upgrading, to reduce user costs.

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