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Building intercom system stability is better than all
2011-09-16 08:53:44

May wish to make a comparison, two commonly used household systems - phone system and building intercom system. We can easily find, use the phone system every day, is not easily broken, building intercom systems use very low frequencies, but the failure rate is much higher than the telephone system. Your home phone is broken and will not affect other people call, the telephone line caused by short circuit fitting, break it will not affect other people call, it will not burn the bureau's program-controlled switches. The building intercom system? Expert evaluation of whether the majority like the Ministry of Construction Building intercom: starting from the boiler, tinkering over a year (warranty period), the network system is "automatic one year, two semi-automatic, three-year full-fixed"?

We believe that years of telephone communication using technology to transplant manufacturing building intercom products, its stability, reliability and advanced much more than similar products on the market.

In the low frequency of use, the situation is repeated: more noise, blurring the line barrier. 3-4 years or even paralysis of the entire district building intercom system, resulting in greatly reduced the practicality of building intercom system. Therefore, the demand for building intercom system stability is not only the demand for residential property owners, but also the needs of developers and engineering companies, is building intercom manufacturer requirements. But the building intercom industry 20 years of development "stable" this theme has always been unsatisfactory. Why?

Might draw an analogy, as do products like building buildings, the foundation did not play well, with even the best steel and concrete, even the best machine out of the building of artificial cap is not strong. The foundation of our core technology is like, like steel and concrete raw materials, machinery and artificial like the manufacturing process. Building intercom history of manufacturing industry in China about 20 years in quality control of raw materials and strict control on the manufacturing process should be no problem, but the manufactured product is unsatisfactory, why? The product's core technology is like the foundation of the building, like not cover lay. In fact, building intercom industry is unregulated industry, there is no national uniform standards, there is no uniform industry standard, there is no standard core technologies that govern the whole industry.
How to make intelligent building intercom system in the building would not be so short-lived in it? We analyze the following aspects:
First, point
Constitute the building intercom system, "point" of course is the product, including the host, extension, power, floor switches, networking switches, the product of factors about the system is "stable" is an important variable. 20 years of development since the product is still deep-rooted factors affecting system stability, such as door host waterproof enough, causing the host to produce symptoms due to rain and; room extension and the aging due to long power corrupted; also due to renovation caused by short-circuit, open circuit resulting in corrupted floor switches, which are reduced throughout the building intercom system stability. It is worth mentioning that there are now many manufacturers do not power-on standby indoor extension technology.

In addition, we also learned that the telephone system, phone system, the most complex device within the telecommunications room, the most simple is the phone (apart to see something small, very simple). Then why? 1 because the phone number and more manufacturers to consider the cost. (2) this shift are complex circuits telephone equipment to do the engine room, which can reduce costs, and can reduce call failure rate. 3 powerful communications equipment company focused on the room, and continuously improve equipment reliability and performance without having to modify the phone, this is the clever design of the entire system, natural feel our users would be difficult to fault the phone.
Second, the line
Constitute the building intercom system, "line" of course, is the system wiring. Building intercom system wiring for the system stability is essential. In wiring the way the majority of the building intercom manufacturers have adopted the traditional way of video cable plus signal line, its disadvantage is the higher cost of inputs while non-standard wiring cable construction more difficult. Of course there are many manufacturers promote "Link" technology, which uses UTP cable to replace the traditional cable video signal line increases, not only saves nearly 40% of the cost of wire, and can be standardized wiring, interference resistant to damage, so that the signal transmission is more stable and reliable. )

Third, the surface
If the "point" and "line" is the product with wire, then the whole building intercom system, networking is a "face." Therefore, network performance and stability is the biggest building intercom system stability demands. Especially in the large community networking, the networking core technology for the entire building intercom system stability is important impact. Today, TCP / IP communications technology to the building intercom system has been very mature network, you can achieve audio, video, control signals of digital compression to make the image brighter, sounds clearer, more powerful, network stability, anti-jamming ability. At the same time, the use of TCP / IP technology, enabling multi-channel audio and video signal transmission, the phenomenon is not busy, networking and location without any distance limitations, the stability of a strong security network communication.

In summary, we can say "point", "line", "face" of the three constraints of building intercom system stability, will have to do a good job, "points" and "line", "face" to enable building intercom systems "end", normal use of residential property owners to meet the needs of the developer's brand and reputation continue.

Our advantages:
1, a wealth of implementation experience. HongZhao Universalsec Electronic has been focused on the smart home, in the system design phase to deepen the experience accumulated a great deal for the smart building design process has its own understanding, and accumulated a set of effective management practices, applied several times in the project implementation get customers.
2, a wide range of professional designers. Intelligent building design process itself is a system integration, it needs to carry out needs analysis of the design object, to determine the system function; to a comprehensive analysis of existing products, and use the appropriate persons; to take into account the future installation and maintenance and so on. An Weibo company has implemented a number of engineering design expertise to the project team, with a variety of needs analysis, integrated system design capabilities.
3, well-equipped. Company for the engineering design of computer equipment, plotters, and Jacuzzis, all related to the design standards and engineering data available.
4, management practices. Professional designers strict compliance with national and international standards. Combined with the national standard and the accumulation of years of engineering experience to develop the company's design specifications, in strict accordance with the design company's design process management products.
5, designers have the team spirit and good communication skills. A high level of unity and intelligent systems design team for lack of experience and talent-building, for lack of knowledge of building products supplier, is undoubtedly a good lubricant. Intelligent integration is not only the integration of its various subsystems, and with their environment (buildings and other professionals) and integrated systems, and human integration.

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