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Building intercom technology trends and applications
2011-09-20 09:16:03

Building intercom system originated in Europe and other developed countries, in Europe and the United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions has been kept 20 years, since the late 1980s, the gradual introduction of mainland China at that time mainly for single-family products overseas agents, viewable products are mainly about South Korea, Taiwan brand in Shanghai Guangdong sales. Since the early 1990s, foreign building intercom system manufacturers in China to open up the market gradually, but the first building intercom product features a single, main unit intercom, video doorbell and other single-family, during this period, in the domestic market demand less than the amount of one hundred thousand. After a 1995-1997 development of the domestic market first period, there have been some manufacturers began mass production products, technology advances, cell-based intercom and video intercom building users showed continuous growth, concentrated in the room real estate market started earlier Guangdong, Shanghai and other economically developed cities in the late 1990s, building intercom products into the second period of rapid growth, large-scale integrated intelligent networking and community building intercom equipment began to emerge, too Sichuan Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Verint Tong, Lin Fu-established, Zhuhai into the frame, also have launched their own products. After the agents of foreign products, independent research and development of single-family, non-visual simulation systems, analog video system, and gradually formed a building intercom security system, video networking products for the mainstream market, building intercom.

Building intercom after 10 years of accumulated technology and development, the current mainstream technology, analog video intercom system manufacturers have become the first-line homogenization, the increasingly fierce competition, the manufacturers have gradually started building the next generation of intercom systems technology accumulation and development, as in recent years, TCP / IP technology and wireless digital technology matures, many manufacturers of such advanced technology will be applied to the building intercom products which, some manufacturers have formed the actual product and market. According to the continuous development of technology and market development needs, the following forms of the system will gradually be developed, and become the mainstream market in different periods:

(A) semi-digital video intercom system

(B) pure digital video intercom system

(C) wireless digital smart home system

(D) in the telecommunications business platform of the smart home system
Building intercom technology trends and applications

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