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Building intercom to buy the four major problems in attention
2011-07-01 09:14:23

Product Process Design: As the intercom system has been integrated into our lives, we will use every day, so digital video intercom system must process the appearance of style and home-style close. Intercom system by the appearance of the product must also be to move the user to the user a good impression. General strength of the manufacturers, for the same range of products have a variety of color and style, design style, choice of materials can be divided into high medium and low, more importantly, design concepts, user-friendly operation design, makes the user feel very intimate.

The strength of manufacturers: Many digital board room or presentation room to run is good, but in the actual project may not be accepted. TCP / IP based digital intercom there is often sound, images, how to deal with the problem, to do voice echo cancellation, delay time to do a small image, this is not so simple. Therefore, before purchasing the product, the manufacturer should examine whether there is a high level of R & D team, have an efficient management team, whether they have been a number of representative projects.

Excellent service: first-class enterprise, first-class service. Services to a large extent influence the user's final decision, and digital video intercom system has just begun to enter the market, if the service can not place, users may still use analog video intercom system.

Stable and reliable system: any product, stable and reliable is the most fundamental. Now the majority of residential households on the one thousand, or even the million, if the system is unstable, prone to problems, it will seriously affect the community residents. Therefore, the reliable operation of digital intercom system, is considered an important indicator of stability. Therefore, not only to watch the product demo, but also field trips mature case. Some systems in the sample project runs fine, but it does not mean in practical applications is still performed well. In the actual project, the complexity of the environment may be the manufacturers can not imagine, so the field to observe the actual case, listen to the voice of the owners, will allow you to buy with confidence, live comfortable.

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