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Building intercom urbanization development
2012-07-11 09:49:02



In recent years, rural economics development is rapid, villa-style buildings to house stands in between the green mountains and rivers, but these architectural hardware equipment is not perfect, such as building intercom system to spread to the rural areas. The main reason is, major building intercom manufacturers do not attach importance to the rural market, research and development of object oriented city or user of high-end products. Now rural market for building intercom increasingly strong demand, the manufacturer, face so big market, take what kind of plan which.

1simple operation

Due to the young people in the city, at home in the mostly elderly and infirm, the intelligent device in understanding the difficulty big, so for the rural building intercom equipment must be simple to operate mainly. Not in detail, provided larger font, in order to adapt to the elderly.

2 low price

Rural subscriber for building intercom system, ability to accept the price is low, so should be targeted at the low-end users design visual intercom system, streamline redundant function, thereby reducing the cost, realize the use of simple, and the price is low the product.

3environmental factors

The first rural buildings are single-family, enter the rural market to add a single apartment layout production strength. In addition, installed in the outdoor machine door, subjected to expose to wind and rain, in the rain cover installed at the same time, the products must be sealed to prevent water leakage to do, short circuit.

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