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Building visual intercom industry development status
2011-11-15 09:33:44

Mainland China video intercom system, the history of nearly a decade, the earliest years of development has been relatively slow, mainly due to market demand, not up. The last five years or so, with the mainland of China's steady economic development, people's living standard has been largely improved,

A large number of real estate market. With the introduction of a large number of commercial real estate business has become increasingly fierce competition between, to achieve a good real estate sales, real estate market began to need to have a good idea in order to compete successfully in the market. So the concept of Intelligent Community began a few years ago and quickly spread into mainland China, so that there is not a smart residential real estate sales difficult situation. Building visual intercom system, largely due to the development of the Intelligent Community of the concept of speculation. Early intelligence intelligent community in fact very low, generally only a telephone, broadband, cable television, home video doorbell, etc., applications are very simple. Basically, the developer is only to hype the concept of intelligent community on these subsystems in order to control costs, is always more economical as far as possible the products and programs.

Building visual intercom market influenced by the real estate industry, China is a developing country, for people in developed countries relative to the housing problem has not been fully resolved, the development potential. And the Mainland China market is relatively mature and intelligent building, an annual increase rate of 30%, have promoted the building visual intercom market's rapid development. Nevertheless, the industry, there are still many problems, mainly in:

(1) the development of manufacturing enterprises, generally small scale.

(2) the existing low-tech products, product homogeneity serious, intense price competition;

(3) has been part of the business began to develop digital products, but for various reasons, marketing is not ideal;

Lack of functional integration on the market, product quality, and affordable supplier, resulting in existing products can not meet market demand.

Building visual intercom industry development status

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