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Cat wireless doorbell visual composition
2012-09-03 11:24:52

Wireless video doorbell is composed of cat's eye, indoor machine, wireless unlocking controller composed of three modules. Cat's eye in structural design unique, can be mounted in the door ( door thickness 35~110mm, cat's eye aperture of 14~38mm ), interior design is exquisite, can be hand-held, can be placed on the desktop, can be hung on a wall; radio unlocking controller design is flexible, and the lock has the advantages of simple connection, between the three is a wireless connection, simple installation, no wiring; easy to use, easy to complete the visual intercom, a key lock. The 1 eye on several indoor machines ( up to 4) system, 1 indoor machine for a plurality of cat's eye ( up to 4) system; has two kinds of work modes, monitor off mode switch to ON 2 low power, battery life of about 1 years; monitor startup mode switch to ON 2 power big, the battery standby time of up to 5 days. Cat's eye and the indoor machine through the USB interface charge.

The unique design of the cat's eye, powerful function, its built-in infrared night vision lamp, can monitor and shoot under dark image; in the interior through the screen to clear easily observed outside, but outside cannot see the inside, effectively overcome the common cat anti peeping problem. Press the doorbell button can automatically take pictures, from indoor observation outdoor can at any time by pressing the press button to take pictures. From indoor observation outdoor, may at any time by pressing the record button to record and archive.

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