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Common building intercom system fault repair
2012-05-17 09:36:21

A, no locks ( building intercom normal but not the lock)

The problems encountered can not unlock, first check the outdoor machine and the lock link line is off, if the door lock is no problem to consider whether the key of indoor machine failure, these two are the most common problems cannot unlock.

Two, not speaking:

Not speaking problems are often due to the speaker's damage, or handle line not plug firmly, check line and horn handle. To identify the problem.

Three: extension does not alarm : the standoff alarm linkage function extension alarm without an alarm to the management center!

The first detection alarm probe power supply is normal, whether the normal work of the universal meter, power supply testing, whether the normal work of the replacement of the same type of alarm test; test alarm probe to the extension of the line is smooth, whether the contact is good ( wireless alarm detector this step province ), finally to replace the same model extension test; note: general extension alarm transmission are the data signal, part of universal table has a measured data functions such as the function of the universal meter, also know system data lines which are, first with a multimeter test machine data line ends, look in the alarm when there is no alarm data reports, no can be according to the law test.

In four, no images:

In 1, bright screen without image: please check the power supply extension, see whether there is a black and white 18V,12-18V color;

In 1.1, bright screen, but the image is distorted seriously, jitter, unclear, partial black, partial fuzzy: please check the extension power, see whether it meets the requirements of the specification of voltage and current;

In 1.2, bright screen image: check the extension line of video, see if connected line, whether a video signal; the replacement of an identical model extension test;1.3, called the image, by monitoring without image: most monitoring key fault, replacing general can solve;

Five, special fault:

1.4, any extension fault, power reconnection time is solved, the majority of software or hardware failure caused the crash is like a deep, often such a fault, suggests back production enterprises overhaul, in order to avoid long trouble;

In 1.5, occasionally not unlock, hear, no image, not talking, but more often, with the interval of special, estimates for the extension of software or hardware problems caused a crash, please send production enterprises overhaul; such software fault is de-energized reopened after disappeared fault!

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