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Definition of smart home system
2011-12-13 09:50:00

Smart home system which subsystems should be included, we usually say intelligent home systems and products, mainly refers to the general intelligent lighting products, electrical appliances intelligent control products, electric curtains, etc., but in fact, this is a very serious limitations the final analysis, smart home system is an intelligent home control systems, intelligent lighting systems mentioned here, appliances intelligent control systems, motorized window treatments, but the smart home system, a subsystem, which is one of several intelligent home control functions, the fact the smart home system should be able to control everything can be controlled with strong or weak a variety of electrical power equipment, so we need to define the concept of smart home systems, smart home system at this stage includes seven major smart home system:
1, the smart home security system: this is a smart home system is the most basic and most useful smart home subsystem.
2, Intelligent Home Control System: This is the core function of the smart home system.
3, the intelligent home entertainment system: This is a smart home entertainment, entertainment is the most wonderful part of life.
4, the intelligent home comfort system: This is the smart home system is now basically in the home must be equipped with smart features.
5, smart home energy system: This is the smart home system is currently the most promising smart home features.
6, the intelligent home ecosystem: This is the ultimate smart home systems return the next target, return to the natural ecology.
7, intelligent home appliance system: This is the smart home system may be the first to spread the wisdom of home appliances.

Here are seven smart home systems and subsystem features:
A smart home security system:
1, the video surveillance system
2, video intercom system
3, Access Control System
4, integrated wiring system
Second, the intelligent home control system:
1, the lighting control system
2, the electrical control system of intelligent
3, electric windows (blinds)
4, home background music system
5, the video-sharing systems
Third, the intelligent home entertainment system:
1, home theater systems
2, the digital living room system
3, high-definition gaming entertainment systems
4, Kara OK video on demand
Fourth, the intelligent home comfort system:
1, central air conditioning system
2, the central heating system
3, the central water treatment
4, central hot water system
5, central vacuum system
6, the central air system
Fifth, smart home energy system:
1, Energy Measurement and Management System
2, the event time management system
3, consumer management system
4, solar intelligent lighting
Sixth, intelligent home ecosystem:
1, smart irrigation systems
2, the smart eco-tank
Seven, intelligent home appliance system:
1, dimming glass
2, Mirror TV
3, the automatic vacuum cleaner
4 bathrooms
5, sensor trash can


smart home system

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